Magic Always Leaves Traces

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Hello, I'm Badger. I might forget about this. I can't spell but I like to ramble on about unimportant stuff and I was bored one Monday. Canadian. silly little pretty things make me happy. Art History Major/History minor. Rambler. Former Dutch exchange student who also misses that time she lived in Italy

Reasons why my friends are awesome. this conversation happend on one of our other friend's Facebook status.

Mara:y Oh, why thank you! I'm secretly Sirius Black, you see.
Mara:In hiding from the Ministry still, but what you can you do.
Madeline:It's the same every day, isn't it Sirius? I would know, I'm secretly Hermione Granger. They want me for my intelligence this time around, to create an anti-elf PEST control spray of all bloody things but I won't let them find me let alone use the Imperius curse to have me cede to their plans! As the proud founder of SPEW, I refuse to answer to such barbaric requests. Who do they think they are? Despicable. I never thought I'd see the day when an Auror and a close friend of Harry Potter would be stalked so ruthlessly that they have to take on secret identities. I want to turn Crookshanks on the lot of them.
Mara:Hermione, I feel this is something we can finally agree on! After all these years!
Yvonne:remus lupin had hoped that the ministry had sorted out their problems at this point and is very much sadened to learn that they have not. best of luck to you Hermione dear
Madeline:You are so gracious, Professor. I appreciate your condolences.
Mara :Moony, get your nose out of my friendship with Hermione. She's /my/ friend now, muahaha.
Mara:Somehow, I don't think Christopher understands just how lucky he is to have Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and Hermione Granger as his friends.
Madeline:Oh the poor dear. He unwittingly posted something thinking that people would discuss it and not Harry Potter. How sorely mistaken Christopher/Tree Boy/Hagrid was. It's alright, we should just get him another giant spider and that should make things alright.
Yvonne :oh yes poor dear Whompy/chris/treeboy/hargi‚Äčrd. it must be paintful to not be quite as awesome as his friends that being said i do not think that giving hagrid another potentialy deadly animal would be a good idea hermione. and Padfoot i will be friends with whom ever i choose. at least i was her professor.
Madeline:.... Seriously, Sirius. You don't want me getting your godson over here to break up a spat between two of the men he looks up to most! Why don't you look into that loving little doggy heart of yours and go back to the time in the Shrieking shack when Professor Lupin was so kind as to save you from a very confused Ronald, Harry, and I. We were quite badass 13 year olds, you wouldn't have stood a chance, and he stepped in to right it all.
Mara :You /would/ back him up. Peas in a pod, the pair of you. Moony knows he's the main man in my life and everything I do and say is out of love.
Madeline:Excellent! Now that's settled, I have to run to Flourish & Blotts. There's a new novel out by Gilderoy Lockheart about how he still doesn't know who he is. I need a good laugh. Cheers, all!
Mara:Tell me how it is! I heard you simply lose yourself in it!
Yvonne:yes sirius i do belive you are right. severus must have put somehting in the potion, my spelling and grammar has never been the same since.
thank you for your kinad words hermione, i must say you three trouble makers were certinaly the most impressive 13 year olds i have ever come across (well not including padfoot and my self we had some adventures we did) do say hello to harry from me. ohh what is his new oen called? Who are you and who am I? it does look excellent i must go to flourish and blotts my self and pick up a copy
Some random:I would just like to butt in and say that you are all geeks and you know have my deepest respects.
Mara :You all in bookstores. Everyone knows the true way to find something out is by going on adventures and DOING it, not by merely sitting on your butts and just reading about it! Geez.And ... uhhh, hey, Moony, adventures, eh? Huh, huh, huh? ;) wink wink nudge nudge ad nauseum. Do I rev your engines? Vroom, vroom?
Yvonne :yes the true adventure is doing it, but i don't fancy being on the bad end of a faulty memory charm very much, much safer to read about them in books. we are not all nuts like you thowing ourselves out every avilable window.if you are talking about that darned motor bike i am NEVER getting on that thing again. EVER. it nearly killed me the last time. but yes other than that. yes adventures very fun ;)
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